About Clarinol

How Clarinol® CLA is made

Clarinol® CLA is made from natural safflower oil and is produced in dedicated plants by experts focused on the production of a world class product.
By using proven technologies and a strict set of quality and safety standards (including ISO, GMP and HACCP) Clarinol® CLA has a very consistent fatty acid or isomer profile and the highest quality CLA available. 

A Highly Concentrated Product 
Clarinol® CLA contains the highest possible concentration of beneficial active CLA fatty acids, which are called isomers. In a range of 1.4-6.8 gram/day of these active isomers Clarinol® CLA provides an optimal daily dosage for shaping your figure. 

Product Formulation
Clarinol® CLA has an appealing translucent, golden color in its glyceride form. The pleasant-tasting glyceride occurs in natural products such as vegetable oils, dairy and meat.